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Because it should not be difficult to make a sustainable choice
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Hi, we are Ethical Swag!

Ethical Swag is a leading and trusted distributer of Sustainable Promotional Products in North America. All of our products are Ethically Sourced from suppliers that have passed strict audits related to social compliance, environmental impact, product safety, supply chain security and product quality. As a Certified B Corp, we have been audited to a global standard.  It's our way of showing you that we can be trusted because....

... it's not what you say, but you what you do, that matters!

Trusted by 100's of Awesome Companies

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Swag Packs, why they are the right choice.

Swag Packs provides a tangible connection between your brand and stakeholders, especially in today's virtual world.

Swag Packs are a powerful marketing tool that increases Brand Awareness and Client and Staff Engagement.

We provide the sustainable choice so your brand can shine!

In a hurry? We have Preset Swag Packs!

Our Preset Swag Packs are a grab-and-go solution when you are in a hurry. Add a preset pack to cart and send us your logo for customization and voilà!

COVID-19 Update:

Due to the current economic and logistics challenges the pandemic has set us up with, we must let you know that the product prices displayed on this website and their availability are subject to change without notice.

Please add your selected products to cart, along with the desired quantities, and our Sales Team will provide you with a quote with the updated pricing from our suppliers. We apologize for this inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding!